About Us

Garden Chateau offers up the beauty of a private wedding site for the enjoyment of unique couples seeking that extra special something in the search for their ideal wedding venue.

The Garden Chateau is the exclusive provider to facilitate the rental of this private mansion and estate in Winter Garden for your wedding and event.  We will meet you at the private estate for a rental tour, which are by appointment only. The benefits of renting this private estate is the added flexibility.  There are no vendor restrictions, and only one event a day.

This is your big day, your big chance to do something different.  Your opportunity to stand out with a wedding venue as amazing as your love.  Consider using the Garden Chateau to facilitate your hosting your whole wedding at this dramatic estate mansion.

We will assist you in keeping the comfort and delicate joy of the home, a large part of married life, present in both your ceremony and reception. Allow your guests to feel as if you have opened up your heart and home to them for one perfect evening of celebration. This private mansion estate will provide a splendorous backdrop for your unique wedding and reception.  The Garden Chateau can help you rent it!